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Bos Group - Energy Materials

  Welcome to the Bos group pages. We are an experimental solid state chemistry group with an interest in materials that may underpin current and future energy technologies.  

Left to right: Jan-Willem Bos, Maryana Asaad, Sonia Barczak and Srinivas Popuri.



  • August 2018 - Our combined structural and DFT investivation with Ingo Loa at the University of Edinburgh on the band-gap controlled properties of SnSe is published in Physical Review Materials.

  • July 2018 - Jan-Willem and Srinivas present the latests results from the EPSRC half-Heusler project at the International Conference on Thermoelectrics in Caen, France.

  • July 2018 - Jan-Willem visits the groups of Prof Anke Weidenkaff and Dr Benjamin Balke at the University of Stuttgart and gives an invited seminar on half-Heusler thermoelectrics.

  • June 2018 - The Special Issue on Intermetallic Thermoelectrics in Materials, guest edited by Jan-Willem, is now up to eight published papers, including great work on half-Heuslers and silicides by some of the leading academic groups in the field.

  • May 2018 - Congratulations to Kathryn MacIntosh for winning the AWE prize for best materials chemistry project for her work on half-Heusler thermoelectrics. Also to Mary Jones for winning the Watt medal for best student in the graduating year. Well done!

  • April 2018 - Sonia's successfully defends her PhD thesis. Well done Dr Barczak, many congratulations!


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