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Functional Inorganic Materials Group

  Welcome to the Bos group pages. We are an experimental solid-state chemistry group with an interest in advanced materials for use in future sustainable technologies.  

Left to right: Jan-Willem Bos, Maryana Asaad, Sonia Barczak and Srinivas Popuri.



  • November 2019 - Our EPSRC funded work describing the beneficial impact of Cu on n-type XNiSn thermoelectrics is published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

  • September 2019 - Jan-Willem presents an overview of our half-Heusler research at the European Conference on Solid State Chemistry in Lille, France.

  • July 2019 - Collaborative work with engineers assessing promise of SnSe in dye sensitised solid cells is published in Solar Energy.

  • July 2019 - Jan-Willem presents the latest EPSRC half-Heusler results at the International Conference on thermoelectrics in Gyeongju in Korea.

  • June 2019 - Excellent news: our work on the cobalt antimony vacancy half-Heuslers is selected and published as a cover article in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C. Pretty picture alert!

  • May 2019 - Our work exploring new possible TiCoSb-based Heusler composites is published online in the Journal of Solid State Chemistry.

  • March 2019 - Our paper assing the impact of vacancies and microstructure in the topical cobalt antimony based half-Heuslers is accepted in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C.


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