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Bos Group - Energy Materials

  Welcome to the Bos group pages. We are an experimental solid state chemistry group with an interest in materials that may underpin current and future energy technologies.  

Left to right: Jan-Willem Bos, Maryana Asaad, Sonia Barczak and Srinivas Popuri.



  • Jan-Willem is Guest Editor for a Special Issue on "Half-Heusler, Silicide and Zintl-type Thermoelectric Materials" in Materials. Further information and manuscript submission following this link.

  • April 2018 - Sonia's successfully defends her PhD thesis. Well done Dr Barczak, many congratulations!

  • March 2018 - Sonia's paper on the impact of interstitial Ni on the electrical and thermal properties of TiNiSn is published in the Special Issue on Half-Heusler, Silicide and Zintl-type Thermoelectrics that Jan-Willem is guest editing.

  • March 2018 - Jan-Willem chairs the Physical Crystallography Group "Hot Topics" session at the BCA Spring Meeting at the University of Warwick.

  • March 2018 - Our paper with the group of Duncan Gregory on topotactic anion exchange in thermoelectric SnSe is published in Chemical Science. A great result

  • Februari 2018 - Congratulations to Sonia for submitting her PhD thesis. Well done Sonia!


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