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Bos Group - Energy Materials

  Welcome to the Bos group pages. We are an experimental solid state chemistry group with an interest in materials that may underpin current and future energy technologies.  

Left to right: Jan-Willem Bos, Maryana Asaad, Sonia Barczak and Srinivas Popuri.



  • February 2019 - Our paper on control of the thermal and electrical properties of phonon-glass SrTiO3 through atomic vacancies and microstructure effects has been accepted into The Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

  • December 2018 - Robert presents his results on phase stability and single parabolic band analysis of half-Heuslers with excess copper at the annual RSC solid-state group Christmas meeting at UCL.

  • November 2018 - Part of Maryana's PhD work on challenging TiCoSb based p-types is published as an invited contribution to a special issue on Heusler compounds in Metals.

  • October 2018 - Collaborative work, part of our EPSRC half-Heusler grant, on PLD deposition of TiNiSn is accepted in APL Materials. Well done to all.

  • September 2018 - Jan-Willem gives a Seminar on structure-property relationships in thermoelectric materials at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

  • August 2018 - Our combined structural and DFT investivation with Ingo Loa at the University of Edinburgh on the band-gap controlled properties of SnSe is published in Physical Review Materials.

  • July 2018 - Jan-Willem and Srinivas present the latests results from the EPSRC half-Heusler project at the International Conference on Thermoelectrics in Caen, France.

  • July 2018 - Jan-Willem visits the groups of Prof Anke Weidenkaff and Dr Benjamin Balke at the University of Stuttgart and gives an invited seminar on half-Heusler thermoelectrics.


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