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Details of the instrumentation available within the group are given below. In addition, we have access to X-ray powder diffraction (Bruker D8 Advance) and TGA/DSC (Linseis STA PT1600) within the Institute of Chemical Sciences.

Linseis LSR-3 Seebeck and electrical resistivity probe (RT-800C). This enables measurement of the thermoelectric power factor.

Linseis LFA1000

Linseis LFA1000 thermal conductivity instrument (RT-1500C).


Edmund Buhler MAM-1 arc-melting furnace for rapid melting of samples (up to about 3000C).


The group has three Lenton high-temperature chamber furnaces covering temperatures up to 1500C.


Lenton 1500C tube furnace for reactions under flowing gas atmospheres.


Diamond precision saw for cutting rectangular bars from sintered materials.


Homebuilt rapid induction heating hot-press. Capable of 1200C and 100 MPa


Vacuum line for flame sealing of quartz tubes.


Two-zone furnace used for the growth of single crystals.

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