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Current Group Members

  • Dr Robert Quinn (PDRA) is funded by the Leverhulme Trust and works on (currently) underexplored phosphide thermoelectrics.

  • Mr Blair Kennedy (PhD student) works on developing improved compositions and processing of half-Heusler thermoelectric materials.

  • Mr Stephen Wark (PhD student) is doing a PhD on metastable chalcogenide thermoelectrics.

  • Mr Fabian Hesse (Criticat PhD student) is working on the synthesis and characterisation of thermochemical oxide catalysts.


Christmas meal 2013. Srinivas Popuri, Ruth Downie, Jan-Willem Bos, Maryana Asaad, Sonia Barczak and Debbie Redpath.


Former group members

  • Dr Srinivas Popuri was a Research Associate in the group, funded consecutively by the EPSRC to develop efficient half-Heusler thermoelectrics based on abundant elements. and by the Leverhulme Trust to investigate reduced d0 transition metal oxides as promising thermoelectric materials. He nows works for Johnson Matthey as a Senior Scientist developing battery materials.

  • Dr Daniella Ferluccio completed her PhD  "Improving Thermoelectric Properties of half-Heuslers through Vacancy and Interstitial Engineering" in April 2019. She is now working as a publishing editor with the Royal Society of Chemistry.

  • Dr Sonia Barczak defended her PhD thesis "Investigation of metal-rich half-Heusler Thermoelectrics: Synthesis, Structure and Properties" in April 2018. She is now working as a Scientist at Scaled Solutions Limited in Livingstone.

  • Dr Maryana Asaad defended her PhD thesis "Synthesis, Structure and Properties of TiCoSb-based Half-Heusler Thermoelectrics" in March 2017. She is now working as a research associate in thin-film thermoelectric materials at the University of Manchester.

  • Dr Ruth Downie defended her PhD thesis "Synthesis, structures and properties of Zintl-type thermoelectric materials" in June 2014. She continued as a research associate on a collaborative project funded by the Carnegie Trust until December 2014.

  • Dr Andrea Marcinkova defended her PhD thesis "Synthesis, structures and properties of new 1111-type rare-earth transition metal oxyarsenides" in 2011, and then worked as a research associate in the group of Prof Emilia Morosan at Rice University.


Undergraduate and Visiting Project Students

  • Mary Jones, Kathryn MacIntosh and Michael Jaerisch (all MChem) worked with us during 2017-2018, with successful projects on oxide, half-Heusler and chalcogenide composite thermoelectrics.

  • Ms Diana Jelenova (MChem) and Mr John Wilkes (BSc) both did research projects focused on metal chalcogenide thermoelectrics in 2016-2017.

  • Ms Uzma Hira, a PhD student from the group of Dr Falak Sher from the LUMS University in Lahore worked on ruthenate thermoelectrics over the summer of 2016. Ms Laura English worked on mechanoluminescent phosphors.

  • Mr Iain Condie worked on thermochemical oxides for his MChem research project (2015-16). Micheal Veitch (BSc) studied the impact of ball milling on the thermoelectric properties of half-Heuslers and Stephanie Linnell (MChem with Placement) explored new reduced d0 oxide thermoelectrics.

  • Ms Diana Jelenova was funded by a RSC vacation bursary to work on novel thermochemical oxides (June-August 2015).

  • Mr Cameron Milne (MChem project 2014-2015) worked on polymer thermoelectrics in a collaborative project with Dr Filipe Vilela.

  • Mr David Donald did a summer research project into the van der Waals epitaxy of transition metal dichalcogenides (May-July 2014).

  • Ms Sonia Barczak did her MChem research project on chimney ladder thermoelectrics in 2013-2014. This was published in the Journal of Solid State Chemistry. She is now a PhD student in the group.

  • Ms Debbie Redpath (double perovskite thermoelectric materials) and Mr Henry Francis (half-Heuslers) undertook their BSc honours research project in the research group. Both students graduated in 2014. Debbie's work resulted in a publication in Dalton Transactions.

  • Mr Michael Hall did his taught MSc research project in the group. This focussed on oxide thermoelectric materials.

  • Mr Alexander Scott undertook his research project in our group and completed his MChem degree in 2012. This work formed the basis of an article in RSC Advances.

  • Mr Ian Underwood (water splitting catalysts) and Mr Craig Saunders (solvothermal synthesis of thermoelectric materials) undertook their BSc honours research project in the research group. Both graduated in 2012.

  • Mr Gareth Nash did his MChem project on half-Heusler thermoelelectrics and graduated in 2011.

  • Mr Ross Stewart undertook a MChem project focused on ruthenium oxide catalysts for the electrochemical splitting of water. He graduated in 2011. Part of his undergraduate work was published in Angewandte Chemie.

  • Mr Ebo Anderson was an IASTE exchange student from Ghana and undertook a summer research project on mixed metal ruthenium oxide water splitting catalysts (2010).

  • Mr Francois Faucheux worked with us over the summer in 2010 and undertook the first experimental work since moving to Heriot-Watt University. His work was later published in a AIP conference proceeding and an article in a special issue on thermoelectric materials in the Journal of Solid State Chemistry.



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